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Business Systems for Discrete Manufacturers.

Project Description

This learning project includes an instructor-led course and related workshop-based homework to complete the pre-requisite requirements for the Discrete Manufacturing Level 1 certificate for Epicor ERP 10 users:

1) Complete Cothrom Systems course “DMLG 0111 Business Systems for Discrete Manufacturers” (13 classes with instructor at 2 hours per class)
2) Complete applicable Epicor Embedded Education workshops (Customers, Employees, Financial Foundations, Introduction to Trackers, Manufacturing Foundations, Parts, Personalization, Suppliers, and System Flow)

For more information on course logistics, availability, and registration please call 1 (844) 268-4766 or use our contact form. Registration is now open for the January to March, 2018 term.

NOTE that course participants must have access to their company’s Epicor ERP 10 Training database & Embedded Courses. In other words, this course is only available for active Epicor customers on maintenance who have licenced the embedded training courses from Epicor. If an existing Epicor customer would like to upgrade their licence, then please advise and we can coordinate with your current Epicor Customer Account Manager/Partner for licencing options.

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